Immediately after the treatment,you may experience some form of swelling and burning sensation and this will usually resolve in the next few days. We will provide you some aftercare ointment and this should be applied for approximately three to five days after your treatment.

1) Do not wash the area or get it wet at least 24-hours.Whilst the area is dry,scabs will form and protect the the wound from outside influences.When the scabs become wet you risk them falling off prematurely leaving the would open and subject to infection risk.

2) Avoid hot baths and extreme temperatures.Heat can increase the swelling to the wound and steam can cause precipitation which can increase the likelihood of the scabs falling off.

3) Avoid touching the area.The more you touch the area the more likely you are to spread bacteria and course infections or knock the scabs.

4) Do not pick or scratch the scabs to fall off naturally to reduce the likelihood of scaring or pigmentation.

5) UV 50 non - oily sun screen should be applied.All clients should avoid direct sunlight post-treatment.